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Logo Hotel Petropol Płock

Petropol Hotel's events services


We would like to especially strongly invite you to use our services in organizing weddings.

A wedding is the only day in life when dreams of the life for good and for bad with the one we love become a reality. Thus our hotel wants to make this special day unforgetable.

Are you planning a wedding? Petropol Hotel is the perfect place for a wedding of your dreams.

Wedding is a magical and unique moment for all of us. We want to help in the organization of this special day. We can meet even the most unusual expectations. Modern interior, excellent cuisine, unique atmosphere and excellent organization will make the most important moment of life unique.

We will make you a "Guest" on your own wedding.

Moreover, in order to sweeten your first day of marriage, we guarantee a wedding present- suite for the newly-weds, and for your guests have a special package so that they can stay in our comfortable rooms.

We can arrange different kinds of weddings from banquets, balls, cocktails, dinners to informal parties. Always with a professional service, excellent cuisine and a touch of elegance.

Each offer is prepared with a great attention and considered individually, depending on the expectations of our Guests.

For your convenience, we have prepared some sample offers. Upon your request, they can be freely modified.

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