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Logo Hotel Petropol Płock


Restauracja Hotelu Petropol w Płocku Apartamenty w Hotelu Petropol, Płock Hol recepcji Hotelu Petropol, Płock Hotel Petropol w Płocku
 Petropol Hotel
after the comprehensive modernization gained a new apperance and standard. It is situated in the center of PLock, in a place rich in traditions of hospitality.

Due to its location, our hotel is an ideal solution for both individual and business guests.

Just a few minutes away from the train and bus station. The main tourist attractions of Plock, such as the Old Town, Cathedral, Parish Church, theatre and shopping centers are within walking distance. Thanks to its convenient location is a great place for business meetings and rest.

83 of the most spacious guest rooms welcome you in style. Including both single and double rooms as well as spacious and comfortable suites featuring a minibar and a safe.

Our hotel offers also two conference rooms equipped with modern appliances, prepared for training, conferences and business meetings.

In our hotel there is a restaurant serving rich and exquisite menu and a delicious buffet breakfast.

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